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We’re on a mission to help 1,000,000 people become successful creators in the passion and creator economies.

We’re offering the Creator's Playbook: Creative Strategy & Coaching for building an audience and monetizing online.


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We’ve put together the Creator's Playbook, a proven process to build your business or brand using the Internet via audience monetization. 


The Creators Playbook is a four-step process:

  • Build an audience

  • Deepen relationships

  • Monetize 

  • Business development

By following this repeatable process, you'll be able to:

  • Grow your customer base

  • Build new revenue sources 

  • Gain loyal customers and followers online


Conducting business online is now the default.

Having an audience online is now essential.

It's time for you to start using the Creators Playbook for your Business or Brand.


We're here to help you build your audience and monetize online.

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A Repeatable Four-Step Process

  1. Build your audience on a platform

  2. Deepen relationships with your followers

  3. Monetize via e-commerce

  4. Business development to fuel future growth

The Creator's Playbook: Audience Monetization 101

1. Build An Audience​

  • Choosing A Platform

    • Which Platform(s) To Use

    • Large/Open Vs Small/Closed​

    • React & Adapt To Trends/Engagement

  • Content Creation & Storytelling

    • Entertain, Inform, Educate, Inspire

    • Consistency

    • Tools

  • Demand Generation

    • Define Audience​

    • Drive Traffic

    • Build Trust

  • Ask & Engage

    • Call-To-Action​

    • Encourage Conversation

    • A/B Test & React

  • Demand Capture

    • Landing Pages

    • Lead Generation

    • E-mail Collection

2. Deepen Relationships​

  • Personalize Experience For Loyal Followers (Top ~15%)

  • Pay-Wall Exclusive Content

  • Write A Newsletter

  • Create Videos & Podcasts 

  • Be Responsive, Open, Transparent, Honest

  • Gain 100-1000 Loyal Followers Who Would Pay You

3. Monetizing​ via E-commerce

  • Sell A Physical/Digital Product

  • Provide A Service (Online/Offline)

  • Implement A Subscription Model

  • Have An Exclusive Membership

  • Advertise Sponsors To Your Audience

  • Sell Other Peoples Products via Affiliate Marketing

4. Business Development​

  • Converse With Your Customers

  • Develop New Products/Services To Sell

  • Advertise & Promote Your Content

  • Collaborate With Other Creators/Businesses

  • Operations: Use Automation Tools

  • Fuel Audience Growth & Repeat